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Safer Internet Day – Why not up your game?
Posted by Uroš Lolić on 09 February 2021 09:23 AM


Usually, when Safer Internet Day comes around, the cybersecurity situation hasn’t changed much from the year before, so it doesn’t feel like much of a reason to do anything special.

But that’s not the case in

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Emotet takedown – Europol attacks “world’s most dangerous malware”
Posted by Uroš Lolić on 01 February 2021 03:03 PM


Not long ago, we wrote on Naked Security about a new-kid-on-the-block malware service called Buer Loader.

The easiest way to explain what the Buer Loader gang were up to was simply to say, “Buer Loader is

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Home schooling – how to stay secure
Posted by Uroš Lolić on 18 January 2021 08:14 AM


Many pupils are starting their new school term from home rather than the classroom.

For families with younger kids, home schooling is often the first time that their children have needed to use computers (rather than gaming consoles) in earnest.

Whether you’re new to home schooling, going back to it after a break, or an old hand,

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Chrome browser has a New Year’s resolution: HTTPS by default
Posted by Uroš Lolić on 11 January 2021 08:57 AM


HTTPS, as you probably know, stands for secure HTTP, and it’s a cryptographic process – a cybersecurity dance, if you like – that your browser performs with a web server when it connects, improving privacy and security by agreeing

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Does a friend “need money urgently”? Check your facts before paying out…
Posted by Uroš Lolić on 31 December 2020 08:49 AM


Last week, we warned of a Facebook Messenger scam that used a bogus video to lure you onto a phoney Facebook login page.

In that scam, the crooks were using stolen Messenger passwords to phish for yet more Messenger

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Was there a “COVID-19 vaccine hack” against the European Medicines Agency?
Posted by Uroš Lolić on 11 December 2020 08:34 AM


If you’ve been following the news today, you’ve probably seen headlines announcing a breach at the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The EMA, based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, is responsible for the evaluation and approval of medicines in the European Union – a role reflected in its former name,

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